Our Mission

To eradicate arbitration and litigation from the construction industry.

Why GLA?

GLA is called upon by organizations around the world seeking superior results, aiming to go above & beyond specification requirements. Our clients are motivated to break through barriers, overcome challenges & render exemplary project outcomes.

GLA is a consulting firm specializing in the development and implementation of Collaborative Dispute Mitigation (CDM) systems for agencies, organizations, and construction projects. Learn what we can do for you today.

Our team specializes in Construction Partnering, Facilitated Dispute Resolution (FDR), Mediation and wide range of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) methods for construction projects.

We also provide Strategic Planning, Executive Coaching & Leadership Development.

Our Values: Integrity, Commitment to Excellence &  Exceeding Expectations – Always!


Global without boundaries for reaching out and collaborating with stakeholders to achieve common goals.


Leadership paving the way & mitigating risks leading to innovation & creative solutions.


Alliance among partners in the never-ending pursuit of excellence.