Executive Session


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Executive Sessions are designed to align the Key Decision Makers prior to the Kickoff Partnering Session to form one cohesive leadership team with common project goals. This Executive Team will serve as the top-level on the Issue Resolution Ladder established, prior to taking any dispute to a third-party for resolution (DRB or Mediation). Executive Sessions are strategic in nature and not technical. They set the tone and direction for the entire project team to follow.

A concise agenda and deliverables are established beforehand to optimize everyone’s time, and the sessions run typically 2-4 hours in duration. Quarterly follow-up meetings are held to periodically reassess and ensure full project alignment, with the option to schedule special sessions as needed. The Executive group should not exceed 12 participants.

  • Bring together key decision-makers to work toward alignment of common project goals
  • Assess and mitigate risks affecting the project and the stakeholders involved
  • Resolve commercial, policy, or political issues impacting the project
  • Set direction and final resolution of major issues elevated above the project team level
  • Communicate final resolution and next steps back to the project team
Executive Session Services (Provided by GLA):
  • Preparation and analysis of project, potential disputes, and risks
  • Phone interviews with key stakeholders prior to the session
  • Professional facilitation with all materials, handouts, and equipment
  • Executive Session Summary Report e-mailed to key stakeholders