Kickoff Session


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All primary stakeholders are invited to this session, and the project team may also consider inviting vital third-parties as well (i.e. Utilities, Permitting, and Resource Agencies), when deemed appropriate. The Kickoff Session is typically held from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. It is encouraged that this session take place after an initial Executive Session to set the tone for the Project team members and lay the foundation for project success.

  • Achieve consensus on what Partnering is and why it is essential for this project
  • Assess and align project key goals
  • Create a Partnering Charter
  • Identify opportunities and challenges for the project
  • Introduce Dispute Prevention and Resolution tools
  • Create performance measurements, to ensure the project Partnering stays on track
  • Establish monthly online Partnering goals monitoring and evaluation
  • Position the project early for local, state, and national awards and recognition
Kickoff Partnering Session Services (Provided by GLA):
  • Session preparation, to include phone interviews of key stakeholders prior to the session
  • Initial communication with the project team, to include an email calendar invitation to all attendees with full event details
  • Session facility coordination
  • Professional facilitation with all materials, workbooks, and handouts
  • Online access to monthly Partnering evaluation and monitoring system
  • Session report and feedback from participants e-mailed to key stakeholders